Cover Letter Conundrums (Part 1 of 3)

By Mary Carden, CPRW

There are a thousand “how to write a cover letter” tutorials on the Internet, but most of them offer the same tired advice that results in unremarkable, cookie-cutter letters. It’s true that every cover letter needs to fulfill three main goals:

      1.  Introduce yourself, your experiences, and your qualifications for the role
      2. Share your reasons for pursuing a position at this company
      3. Differentiate yourself from other candidates

While writing a cover letter that addresses those three objectives is important, this guide discusses other ways you can use your cover letter to advance your application, build a relationship with the hiring manager, and streamline the recruitment process for everyone involved.Read more

How to Job Search Before You Relocate

My client Karen is a following spouse with a career of her own. Her husband Bruce has a great job but his company moves him every three years. So, Karen needs to update her resume before every relocation.

I learned from Karen and from other clients who were relocating that the remote job search isn’t always easy. HR people usually want to meet you in real life. Your schedule for meetings may not be as flexible as those of the local applicants. You may not have many contacts or a strong network in the area. And you may not know anything about what it’s like to live in this new place.

But the long-distance job hunt doesn’t have to be scary or unproductive. Here’s the advice I give people planning to look for work prior to moving.Read more